Curio 14 is here!

We're excited to introduce everyone to Curio 14! 🎉

What’s New in Curio 14?
  • An integrated journalling system for meetings or class notes, all neatly organized and sorted automatically;
  • a dynamic Table of Contents list or mind map figure;
  • a new layers popover providing drag-and-drop reordering and visibility restrictions;
  • automatic figure spacing as figures grow or shrink in size;
  • improved Spread PDF across rows and columns creating a matrix of pages;
  • markdown rendering refinements;
  • brush and pen improvements including support for iPad+Apple Pencil sketching;
  • numerous figure and collection features;
  • improved DEVONthink integration; major performance enhancements;
  • code updates to better support Apple’s latest macOS releases
  • plus dozens of other features and improvements.

* Note that some features are only available in certain editions of Curio.

Our What's New section on the website provides a great overview of the new features or you can check out our always-thorough Curio 14 Release Notes to get the details.

We packed in loads of new productivity tools, scores of feature enhancements (many based on customer feedback!), and an insane number of code updates to make Curio more useful, robust, optimized, and  future-proof.

Curio 14 requires macOS Mojave or Catalina.

For existing customers, discounted upgrades are available to Curio 14 Professional, Standard, or Core.

For those subscribing to Curio via the Mac App Store, the update should be pushed to Apple's servers very soon.

We're thrilled to finally bring Curio 14 to everyone! Enjoy!

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