Curio 14.1 tweaks

We rolled out Curio 14.1 over the weekend with a bunch of nifty features, tweaks, and fixes:

Deep Hyperlinks
Copy As Hyperlink can now encode deeper link information about the selected figure. 

  • If you've selected a range of text in a text figure, or
  • If you've selected a range of text on a page in a PDF figure, or
  • If you're playing back a video or audio figure on the idea space,

... then when you choose Copy As Hyperlink, the link will include those specific details.

Clicking the resulting hyperlink, whether it's in Curio or another application, will tell Curio to jump to that project, that idea space, and that figure, then set the selection of that text figure or PDF figure, or start playing back the media at that location.

Hyperlinks created using our AppleScript interface, like for our integration with Hook, will automatically pick up these deeper link details if the selected figure is being edited or played.

Retina Images During HTML and Image Export
During HTML and Image export on Retina systems, the resulting images are now 144 dpi Retina instead of 72 dpi, which results in much sharper images!

Additional Enhancements
Several other tweaks are in this release including significant improvements when drawing orthogonal lines, nicer link text when adding a Hook URL as a reference or when pasting a Hook URL onto an idea space, plus much more!

And Fixes, Too...
And Curio 14.1 includes fixes for issues reported since Curio 14's original release, including some Catalina+iCloud oddities.

See the release notes for full details!

Curio 14 from our website should see the update automatically during its daily check, or you can choose Curio > Check for Updates to force a check. Curio from the Mac App Store should have already downloaded and installed the update automatically.

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