Curio 17!

We're thrilled to announce that Curio 17 is here! 🎉

This is a free update for everyone with a Curio subscription via the Mac App Store, or who have purchased a Curio 15 or above traditional license and have the new year of free updates.

What’s New in Curio 17?

  • Press ⇧⌘F to bring up Curio's new Quick Find popover to quickly find and jump to your idea spaces and figures. Search for text, tags, resources, dates, ratings, priorities, and more. Plus support for boolean logic, parentheses, regular expressions, and saved queries.
  • Support for View > Stream Selected to Marked so the contents of the selected figure(s), or the currently edited figure, or the currently edited markdown document in the Organizer, is streamed in markdown format to the Marked 2 app for instant preview.
  • The priority adornment icons have been refreshed to clarify their meanings.
  • Plus lots of feature enhancements and fixes based on customer feedback.

* Note that some features are only available in certain editions of Curio. Please see the release notes for details.

Curio 17 runs on macOS 10.14 Mojave through macOS 11 Big Sur on Intel or Apple silicon.

Check out the release notes for all the details and, if you want even more information, the complete documentation is online.

If you’ve purchased a Curio 15 traditional license or above from our website then this is a free upgrade for you. Check for updates should find it automatically. For customers on older traditional licenses, discounted upgrades are available.

For those that subscribe to Curio via the Mac App Store, it should automatically download the new version to your Mac shortly.

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