Curio 19 is here!

Curio 19 has been released!

This is a free update for everyone with a Curio subscription via the Mac App Store, or who have purchased a Curio 15 or above traditional license and have the new year of free updates.

What’s New in Curio 19?

  • 👉 Here are the complete release notes with lots of screenshots.
  • Curio 19 requires macOS 10.15 Catalina through macOS 12 Monterey on Apple silicon or Intel.
  • Status Bar. The big new feature is the new Status Bar, which is positioned at the bottom of the project window. On by default, you can hide it via the View menu if you’d like. It provides quick access to figure information including position and size, when moving or resizing; jump and meta information, when hovering over a figure; and the ability to quickly edit meta information associated with the selected figures including percent complete, priority, rating, tags, custom data values, resources, and start and due dates and durations.
  • Resize To Smallest/Largest Width. New Arrange > Resize To menu items to resize selected figures to the smallest or largest selected width.
  • Tag Set Visibility. If you have lots of global tag sets but only some are applicable to the current project, you can now easily hide them so they don’t clutter up your tag choices.
  • Quick Find Autocomplete. Quick Find now supports autocomplete while typing tags (#active), custom data keys (#price>50), resources (@george), and reference types (^rebuttal).
  • Quick Find Readable Date Expressions. Quick Find now understands more readable date expressions such as due in 6 months and starts soon and due within 1 month. Lots of examples in the documentation.
  • Image Text Recognition. You can now specify the preferred language for image text recognition.
  • Importing/Pasting Markdown Lists. Importing or pasting a markdown list now supports GitHub-style checklist prefixes.
  • Equation Alignment. On macOS 11 Big Sur and above you can now use an alignment control to specify the left, center, right alignment of equations. Centered is the default.
  • Plus tons and tons of tweaks and fixes based on customer feedback!

* Note that some features are only available in certain editions of Curio.

Please check out the release notes for all the details and, if you want even more information, check out the online documentation.

If you’ve purchased a Curio 15 or above traditional license and have the new year of free updates then this is a free upgrade for you. Check for updates should find it automatically. For customers on older traditional licenses, discounted upgrades are available.

For those that subscribe to Curio via the Mac App Store, it should automatically download the new version to your Mac shortly.

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