FAQ: Setting default styles

We're going to start a series of Frequently Asked Questions to address some of the topics that come up frequently with our users.

One of our top questions is how to change the default style for text figures.

You can actually set the default style for several core types of figures found in Curio: text, images, PDF documents, movies, music, web links, documents, groups, and lists.

Font information, border and shape settings, stroke and fill color settings, icon size, and more are stored with these styles. Lists will remember the list style and prefix size as well.

To set the default style of a figure type do the following:
  1. Select a figure of the appropriate type in an idea space.
  2. Set its attributes to a format you like using the Inspector.
  3. Choose the "Format > Set as Default Style for Figure" menu item.
That's it! Now that style will be used when you create any new items of that type!

So you can use this technique to change the default font and font size associated with text figures. Simply click on a text figure with the font settings you like and choose the Set As Default Style for Text Figure menu item.


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