Curio 3.0.2 update with minor fixes

CurioWe just released a minor 3.0.2 update for all you 3.0.x users out there.

Lots of little fixes plus some minor features as well. For instance, via Curio's preferences you now can specify the monitor to present the slideshow. Also, by default, Curio will present only the "minimum bounds" of your idea spaces. So empty space is automatically cropped away before presenting, which allows for much nicer looking slides since we don't have to scale as much. You can enable or disable this feature through Curio's preferences as well.

Plus a slick change to the Project Center so if we can't find a project, like it has been moved to another volume, you can now locate it for Curio and we'll remember the new location.

We hope everyone enjoys the new release and please, as always, send us any feedback or suggestions. You can download the update here.

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