Curio is now a Universal Binary!

We're happy to announce that Curio 3.1 has just been released as a Universal Binary!

That's right: we dance like a native on Intel Macs, while still maintaining happy compatibility with Mac OS X 10.3.9 and above on PowerPC. In a future posting, I will detail the changes we had to make for you programmers listening out there.

Check out the release notes for the full details.

One of the other cool features added to this release is hoisting support in the Organizer. So, if you're working on a huge project and want to concentrate on a specific subtree then use hoist to hide everything else. Very slick!

Another, hugely popular request which made it in this release is search text highlighting. Long overdue, when you search for some text using our amazing Search Bar, that text itself is highlighted in yellow (you can change that color in the Prefs) in all the found figures so it stands out.

A few more features are in there as well, plus lots of fixes of course, so please be sure to check out the release notes.


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