Presentation and full screen modes

Presentation ModeOne of the new features of Curio Pro 3.0, and an extremely popular request, is a full screen presentation mode. The need for Curio's presentation mode becomes clear when you consider how brainstorming frequently requires collaboration and feedback from others.

Not that we want to become a Keynote/PowerPoint of course. But the need to offer presentation abilities is a natural fit for Curio.

Now, with one click, you can take your digital notebook and share it with others using the projector in your conference room.

But Curio's presentation mode doesn't simply project your idea spaces up on the screen. Here we offer a bit of extra functionality:

Press the S key to jump between scaled-to-fit and non-scaled images. When non-scaled, scrollbars automatically appear to easily scroll around the idea space.

Press the C key to show or hide the mouse cursor. When visible, you are able to click and highlight figures on the idea space to make them stand out. You can also click and drag the background of the idea space to scroll the idea space around if it isn't scaled-to-fit.

When a figure is selected, you can press 0 or 1 to 5 to assign a rating to the figure. Or press the tilde (`) to show the Inspector and change any number of attributes including assigning custom tags and flags to the item.

And, using the cursor you can click on checkboxes to check or uncheck the item, double-click on figures with assigned actions to activate that action, or double-click on asset figures to open them in their respective application. Curio will automatically hide itself and let the other application take over.

The presentation can be configured, through Preferences, to start on the main screen or a second screen. If you specify second screen, and it currently isn't hooked up, then it will go to the main screen until that second screen is connected.

I should mention that Curio Pro also offers a very slick Full Screen mode via the Window > Layout menu. Full Screen mode is similar to presentation mode but gives you access to the menu bar and optional access to the toolbar and Organizer (see Curio's Preferences). With Full Screen mode your project takes up the entire screen but you continue to have full access to all of Curio's available tools!

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