Dossiers wanted

Since Day 1, we've received a lot of feedback from users regarding their favorite feature in Curio. Today, I'm going to talk about one of the top faves: dossiers!

Curio Professional and Curio K-12 include a dossier feature which supplies the boilerplate questions you need to ask yourself or your client before beginning a project. Once these questions are answered, you have a more accurate picture of what exactly you are trying to do and what boundaries or constraints are imposed on you.

This background information is immediately available through the click of a mouse while you are brainstorming and working on your project in your idea spaces. You can easily double-check that you are heading in the right direction.

For example, in our Creative Brief dossier template -- a huge favorite among designers -- you might specify that the client hates ads that have a retro feel or that push features more than company values. Days later, while brainstorming, you might stumble across an idea involving a 1970's theme song. You're loving it, but fortunately something tickles the back of your mind and you scan over the dossier and realize you're going down the wrong path. Whew! Saved by dossier!

One of the coolest things about dossiers is you can customize and design your own dossier templates to share with others. Perhaps you have one on School Field Trips, Architectural Initial Design, Creating a Sonnet, or TV Pilot.

If you have a template that you'd like to share with the world, please export it through dossier's Save as Template action button menu item and send it to We'd love to check it out and possibly bundle it in an upcoming Curio release.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

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