Mind mapping tip for bloggers

Via The Mind Mapping Software Weblog I found an excellent article on using mind maps to take a blog posting and expand upon it.

You could follow the author's suggestions quite easily with Curio. First, create a new mind map and enter the topic of a recent blog entry you've posted as the central topic of your new mind map.

Then, in surrounding branches, brainstorm on ways that topic could be extended. You might try contrasting posts, follow-up posts, expand upon a comment from a user, etc.

In the article, the author even suggests expanding upon those generated ideas to see how "deep" a topic could be. However, you could also take advantage of some Curio features and drag in some external resources such as web clippings, images, Mail messages, interesting URLs, etc, that you will need as references for those potential postings, and make those the children of your idea topics.

And, with Curio, a single idea space can contain multiple mind maps. So, follow the author's advice and create several mind maps: one for each of the last five entries you've posted on your site.

As you flesh them out, you can zoom out and see at a glance how different topics are shaping up. Use Curio's flags or ratings to make certain items stand out so you know which topics to tackle first. Cool stuff!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. There's still a bit of time left on our MacSanta promotion, so if you haven't purchased or upgraded then time's running out!

Curio 4.2 is right around the corner and we're hard at work getting it ready for release. So stay tuned to this blog for more info!

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