Video and audio recording

Video and audio recording are among Curio 4.2's standout new features. For a long time, I have to admit, that I didn't understand the value of them for brainstorming, which is the primary focus of Curio. And yet, media recording was one of our most requested features. Now that it's in there, I'm a total convert.

Just the other day, I recorded a conversation that George and I had about a new feature that I'll be working on for Curio 5 (sorry, I can't tell you about it, yet). Since I knew Curio was recording our every word, it allowed me the freedom to really focus on our conversation and not worry about taking notes. Later that afternoon, I was able to go back through the recording and pick out the valuable nuggets and create an outline of our discussion.

I can really understand now how this feature can be useful in meetings and in the classroom, recording lectures. Once again, our customers have helped us make Curio even more invaluable. Thanks and keep those suggestions coming!

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