Another taste of Curio 5

As we continue wrapping up work on Curio 5 (due to be released in the next several weeks), feedback we've received from those who have seen it in action has been incredibly positive. Everyone seems genuinely excited about the upcoming release (not the least of which is yours truly).

One of the many cool new features added to Curio 5 is the WebView figure. That's right, an actual web browser embedded within your Curio idea space, and with it, a whole new world of possibilities.

A WebView figure can point to reference web sites, an internal company site, classroom exercises, lab monitoring pages, even Web 2.0 sites like 37signals' Basecamp, Google Maps, Google Docs, Flickr, Yahoo Mail, Facebook, and more! Anything that can go into a Safari browser can go into a Curio WebView.

Mmmm, delicious! Stay tuned for more info...


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