Curio in action

George and I have been buried in Curio 5 code for months now, but now we're starting to work on the other aspects of Curio 5's upcoming release such as the documentation and the new website design (being a two person company, we have to do it all). Yesterday, George's internet connection was down, so he brought the laptop over to my office/home and we had the opportunity to work side-by-side for a change.

George is working on the new website and he used Curio to mockup a bunch of different design ideas. It was a lot of fun to watch Curio in action and to once again realize what a great tool it can be. It was remarkably simple for us to throw some ideas together and then tweak them until we were both happy. In the end, he knew exactly how he wanted the site to look and he had stored several links to various websites with sample code available to help him write the javascript and HTML code necessary to make it a reality.

That's exactly the kind of brainstorming we had in mind when creating Curio. The new site is going to be awesome, too!

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