Curio 5.2

Yeppers, here's another update that I hope everyone will enjoy.
  1. Right-click on a line and add one or more midpoints so you can easily create angled lines.
  2. Choose Edit > Copy As > External Hyperlinks so you can create a "curio://" url to a specific figure or an idea space that can be placed in an email, web page, or a third-party application. When the link is clicked on in that application, Curio will automatically launch, if necessary, open that project and jump to the idea space and/or figure and highlight it. Sweet!
  3. Choose Insert > Variables to insert variables such as "idea space name" or "idea space date added" which are then dynamically replaced as appropriate. This is a really great feature when combined with the Idea Space Templates shelf.
  4. The Scrapbook shelf now supports drag-and-dropped text. A huge request.
  5. The Status shelf now support "Tomorrow" as a roll-up date, plus some other goodies.
  6. The Search shelf has a revamped UI for more easily saving search criteria, plus some other goodies. 
To get the full scoop, please read the release notes.


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