Curio 5.3

Busy little bees.... that's what we are. Welcome to Curio 5.3 with lots of yummy goodies!

First, some incredibly important keyboard shortcut changes that you will hopefully love:
  1. Tapping the spacebar will now expand/collapse a list or mind map hierarchical level, just like every other mind mapping app out there. It's a delight to use.
  2. If the current item isn't a parent node in a list or mind map, you can now just tap the spacebar to activate the Quick Look preview, just like the Finder. If you are on a parent node, then the good 'ol Option-Spacebar tap will do the trick.
  3. And, yes, if you press and hold the spacebar then the little Photoshop/iPhoto-like hand cursor still appears so you can easily scroll around the idea space.
  4. The tab key will now create a child item in a mind map, once again just like every other mind mapping app out there. I can hear the cries of happiness from all our mind map users. :-)
Okay. So what about the cool new features? Let's go:
  1. Lots of people loved the print headers and footers we introduced in 5.1 but they wanted to customize them. You got it. Via Curio's Preferences you can now use coolio variables to insert the project name, idea space title, idea space number and any custom text you want in there.
  2. AquaMinds NoteTaker NTML importer so you can quickly import existing notebooks created in that product.
  3. Convert lists to mind maps and vice versa via the Arrange menu. Very handy.
  4. Export lists or mind maps as text outline or RTF outlines so you can transfer your work into other applications, such as Word or MindMeister.
  5. Paste a text outline as a mind map allows you to easily transfer a mind map from MindMeister (via its Copy as Text command), or OmniOutliner or FreeMind (via their Copy command).
  6. When activating the screen snapshot feature in Curio we'll now automatically hide Curio's own windows so you can take the shot without us being in the way.
  7. Spread PDF is now even smarter since it will start the spread based on the page number displayed in the first PDF figure it finds on the template idea space. So, set it to page number 25 and the spread will start with that page through the number of pages in the PDF.
There are a ton of other little features and fixes, including a much more useful right-click figure popup menu, so be sure to check out the full scoop in theĀ release notes.

As an aside, we're now using Amazon's brand spanking new CloudFront to deliver our dmg disk images as well as our website's huge png images and movies. This should result in much faster downloads for everyone, especially the 46% of our customers who live outside the U.S.


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