Minor update

We released a minor update today (5.4.2) which squashes all the bugs reported to us over the past few weeks.

In addition, it adds a handful of little features:
  • Press Shift-Spacebar at any hierarchical level in a list or mind map and all figures at that level throughout the collection will toggle their expand/collapse state.
  • You can now convert between a list or mind map via the right-click context menu.
  • Improved options in the context menu when right-clicking multiple selected asset figures.
  • The Library now shows the asset filenames with their extensions so you can more easily tell the difference between several identically named files.
  • If you hover the mouse over an idea space in the Organizer, you are now told if it's marked as private or not and, if not, its idea space number which makes printing a selected range of idea spaces much easier.

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