Curio 8.5

Curio 8.5 just tiptoed out the door. While it has a handful of new features the main thing is a huge list of robustness tweaks and fixes. Basically every bug or stability issue reported to Zengobi has been addressed in this release.

On the feature front, table fanatics will really enjoy Curio 8.5's incredibly cool support for new drop options when dragging items into Curio tables. Curio can now place the dropped items in a single column (adding rows as needed), a single row (adding columns as needed), or spread across and down (adding rows as needed).

Also, if you use standard OS X text lists (via the Lists popup on the ruler) within table cells you're going to enjoy Curio 8.5's smarter support for the tab key. If you are editing a list then tab and shift-tab will indent or outdent the current text list item. Otherwise, if a non-list cell is being edited then tab and shift-tab will move to the next or previous cell, as expected.

Lastly, something I've been meaning to add for ages, is support for moving files directly into Curio.

Normally when you insert a file into Curio, a copy of the original file is made and stored within the Curio project package. By holding down the Option key you have been able to store an alias to the original file instead.

Now you can move a file directly into Curio by holding the Command key while dragging a file into the idea space, the project library, or the Scrapbook library. The Insert > File dialog has also been updated to support moving in addition to copying and aliasing. Slick stuff.

The oft-forgotten Help menu is now a lot more useful. It now includes links to the video tutorials on YouTube, to the Zengobi Forums, and to the Curio 8 Advanced Settings page. As well as a handy "Ask Support" item to quickly send questions to Zengobi Support.

Check out the incredibly complete release notes for all the details and enjoy!

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