Curio 8.5.1 important fix!

I'm terribly sorry to report that there was a bug in yesterday's Curio 8.5 release that may move Scrapbook asset items to your Trash.

If you're currently running 8.5 then just do a Curio > Check for Updates to grab the latest 8.5.1 release which fixes this issue. Otherwise you can download Curio 8.5.1 directly from here.

You can recover any Scrapbook assets out of the Trash and drag them back to the 8.5.1's Scrapbook. Again, I'm sincerely very sorry for this issue.

If you use Time Machine or another backup system then you can also recover your Scrapbook file more directly, as follows.
  1. Go into the Finder.
  2. Hold the Option key down and click the Go menu then choose the Library menu item.
  3. Within the window that appears go into the Application Support folder, then Curio, then Repository, then Libraries.
  4. Select the Scrapbook.curio project and activate Time Machine to grab a version of that file from Sunday (i.e. before you installed 8.5).
  5. Click Restore within Time Machine to bring back that older version of Scrapbook.curio.

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