Exporting to PowerPoint

While Curio doesn't support a direct export to PowerPoint, it does support image exporting where each produced image has a sequential, numerical prefix so the resulting images mirror the ordering in the Organizer. We can use this feature, introduced in Curio 8.3, to produce our PowerPoint presentation.

First we start with this handy tip from Microsoft on how to import photos into PowerPoint. Using that tip you can quickly create the 2-step Automator application described in the article. I called mine CurioToPowerPoint.

With that helper app ready, simply follow these steps:
  1. In Curio, click the Share toolbar button then choose Export As > Image. Choose to export JPG images and also create a new folder for the output. This is also where you might want to specify a scaled size for each exported image. Then click the Export button to fill your new folder with image versions of your idea spaces.
  2. Launch PowerPoint and close any windows that appear when it launches.
  3. Launch the CurioToPowerPoint Automator application and then, in the dialog that appears, select all of those exported images and click the Choose button.
  4. PowerPoint will create a new slideshow and import each image, in order, to create the presentation.
Ta da! You now have a PowerPoint presentation of your Curio project. Enjoy!

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