Happy 13th birthday Curio!

Curio 1.0 was released to the public 13 years ago today: February 17th, 2004! 🎉

Work began full-time on Curio in October of 2002. What an exciting time in the Mac's history. It's almost hard to remember Apple as a financially lean underdog with a small audience. But you could feel the energy around the new Macs; you could sense that Windows was stagnating. It was definitely a time for disruption! It was a true gamble to create a new business and product for the Mac but it was also incredibly exciting and fun!

I dug around the archives (on CD!) to see if I can find some old screenshots. Sadly I can't run Curio 1.0 anymore because I don't have a PowerPC-based Mac sitting around!

Here's a screenshot of Curio 1.0:

And here's an old movie introducing Zengobi to the world:

According to CLOC, Curio 1.0 had about 60,000 lines of source code (not including comments). In contrast, the recently released Curio 11.0 has about 230,000 lines of source code.

Curio has certainly come a long way since that first initial release. I sincerely thank you all for your continued support and emails. Keep the feedback coming... more exciting times ahead!

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