Curio 12.1 and 12.2

New, free updates to Curio 12 have released over the past few weeks.

First, our Curio 12.1 release added:
  • Curio Professional and Standard text figures now support markdown inline code (monospace) syntax. Plus new support for importing markdown lists containing a mix of bulleted and numbered list elements into Curio list figures.
  • Media player shortcuts.
  • Idea space link Quick Look support.
  • More flexible trials.
  • Major performance improvements.
  • A bunch of bug fixes.

Then, Curio 12.2 was released with more goodies:
  • Curio Professional and Standard text figures now support inline markdown lists! Definitely one of our most popular requests since Curio 12's initial release.
  • More flexible alert to fix broken aliased assets or jumps.
  • A handful of bug fixes.

Again, these are free updates for existing Curio 12 customers. Curio should notice the updates automatically or you can choose the Curio > Check for Updates menu item.

For customers on older versions of Curio, discounted upgrades are available to Curio 12 Professional, Standard, or Core. Note that Curio 12 requires macOS Sierra or High Sierra.

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