Hello 2020!

2019 was a busy year with Curio 13's release, Curiota 3.2's release, and handling macOS Catalina's tumultuous rollout with updates for Curio 12, 13, and Curiota.

We also released a subscription version of Curio available at the Mac App Store. This is in addition to our normal Curio traditional licenses sold via our website, as always. There's an extraordinarily detailed FAQ for you to peruse, if you're curious to learn more. Many thanks to the amazing RevenueCat framework and service which made integrating Apple's crazy-complex subscriptions API a piece of cake.

2020 should be busy and exciting as well. Lots of cool, new features going into Curio 14, which is still many, many months away. A ton of work was also involved updating Curio 14's internals to deal with Apple's accelerating pace of framework deprecations.

I thank everyone for supporting Zengobi with your purchases, upgrades, and subscriptions. This all began in 2002... pretty nifty that it's still going strong in 2020. 🤗

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