Flashlight: Curio's mini-Spotlight

I can't help but imagine that some of our Curio 4 customers may be wondering about our motivations to provide a Spotlight-lite, which we call Flashlight. Spotlight is very powerful and we certainly admire all you can do with it and with the technology that it's built on. However, sometimes it can also be annoying.

One of the things that drove us batty about it was its tendency to start searching before you finish typing the word for which you want to search. Oops, I mistyped the word I'm looking for. Let me back up and correct myself. Ouch, that was painful. Flashlight lets you decide when you want to start the search (and stop it, for that matter). No wasted cycles looking for the wrong thing.

Another slight annoyance is that Spotlight always includes the contents of files in its search for your keywords. There are times when you know the title of the file contains a certain word or word fragment. Flashlight lets you decide whether or not to include the contents of files in the search or just search by title.

Flashlight also lets you narrow your searches down or even perform searches based on the type of file and the last modification date of the file. So, for example, you can very quickly find all Keynote files on your system, by choosing "Keynote files" from Flashlight's "Kind" popup, then clicking on "Search".

So if you know there's an Excel file on your system that you modified in the last week, and you really want to include it in your Curio project, switch over to Flashlight and find it quickly with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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