Introducing Curio 4 Standard

We just released Curio 4.0.3 with some nice fixes and features which we'll discuss in depth shortly.

One of the most noticeable changes was simply a rename: Curio Home is now called Curio Standard.


Simply put, it's a better name. Originally, we thought we'd add home vs. workplace features to Curio. But, in developing Curio 4, we realized that all the new features we were adding were applicable to both, and thus Home was a bit of a misnomer. Sure, Pro had some extras for serious pro users like dossiers, presentation mode, customization features, etc. But, there was certainly no reason why a workplace person couldn't use the home-labeled product if they didn't need those extras.

So, we'd like to introduce everyone to Curio Standard, and please note that all current Curio Home customers are simply on the Curio Standard bandwagon now. Welcome aboard! :-)

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