About this particular Curio

The fine folks over at ATPM have written a really nice review of Curio 4's new features. We're really glad to hear how much they like it, but there are a couple of minor corrections that we feel obligated to point out.

First, with the release of Curio 4 we did away with the Feature Tour project that he mentions. Chances are that Curio opened that project for him because it was the last project he had open from a previous release. Curio 4 comes with a fairly extensive user manual which you can access by choosing Help > Curio Help from the main menu. Plus, it comes with a Sample Gallery project which shows off a variety of features and gives you some ideas about how to use them in the real world.

Second, we renamed the Home edition of Curio to Curio Standard, which we believe is a more appropriate name, since it's really not just for home use.

That's it. You should go check out the review and send it around to all of your friends and colleagues.

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