New Snippets bookmarklet

One of the new features in Curio 4.0.3 is a super-cool bookmarklet you can add to your browser which will allow you to archive web pages directly into Snippets with a click of a button.

A bookmarklet is a bit of Javascript stored as a bookmark in your browser. Clicking it actually executes the Javascript code. In our case, it tells Curio's Snippets service to create a WebArchive of the specified web page and place it into the Snippets library.

To create the bookmarklet simply follow these steps:
  1. Run Curio 4.0.3 at least one time - that way it knows how to handle the bookmarklet.
  2. Drag this link (Copy to Curio) directly to your bookmarks bar.
Next time you surf to a web page you wish to archive in Curio, simply click the newly created bookmark and a WebArchive will be generated and placed into your Snippets library. You will hear the familiar Snippet "chirp" sound when it is finished. Curio does not have to be running for this feature to work as it all happens behind the scenes.

Then, next time you run Curio, you can drag the WebArchive out of Snippets (marked in Curio's shelf with a pair of scissors) and into any idea space.

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