When is a song not a song?

While this is off topic to Zengobi, all the world's talking about the new iPods so I thought I'd add a bit.

I've had a first generation iPod since they were released. I loved it. But it died.

So, I was eagerly awaiting the new iPods. My first reaction: Arg! Too many choices!

I love the small size of the nano, the capacity of the classic, and the touch of the touch. Technically I don't have that much music, around 6GB, so I'd be fine with the nano or the touch. But I love the idea of putting lots of kids vids on it, hooking it up to the TV, and showing them to my 3-year old. All three of those iPods support video out.

One odd fact. Check out the iPod comparison page. Specifically the 8GB nano and touch.

The 8GB nano can hold 2,000 songs / 7,000 photos / 8 hours video.
The 8GB touch can hold 1,750 songs / 10,000 photos / 10 hours video.

How come the touch has fewer songs yet more photos & video? Perhaps less actual free memory space would explain a lower number but why is one number smaller and the others larger? The fine print implies the song sizes and the videos are the same. I actually thought the photos would be fewer on the touch since they could be at a higher resolution but, apparently, that's not the case. Hey, and why can't I simply multiply either product's numbers by 10 and get the 80GB iPod classic's capacities (20,000 songs / 25,000 photos / 100 hours)?

Must be the famous Apple Reality Distortion Field at work.

Anyway, just an odd rambling thought as I wait for them to arrive at my local store.

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