Mac App Store, Wow!

What a fantastic success!

Last week Curio Core hit #27 on the Overall Top Grossing chart and #8 on the Top Grossing Productivity chart.

This week we're listed at the top of the New & Noteworthy section on the main Mac App Store page. Woo hoo!

A big thank you for all the comments coming in through email. I'm glad everyone is enjoying Curio Core so much!

Now I have a HUGE request: can you also make a comment and give a rating for Curio Core at the Mac App Store? That will help get others excited as well. Thanks!

Click here to jump directly to Curio Core entry at the MAS.

The first comment at the MAS mentions something I'd like to address. Since I can't reply within the MAS system I'll address it here and hope they see it:
Would give 5 stars if it can save everything as a multiple page document .. instead of putting everything on one page (when exporting as PDF).
Fortunately you can! Normally when we export or print we scale each idea space down so it fits on a single printed page. However, when you choose Export As > PDF just uncheck the "Fit each idea space to a single printed page" checkbox. That way it will spread itself over as many printed pages as necessary with no scaling.

Again, thanks for all the emails and submitted feedback forms (via the Curio > Provide Feedback menu). I'm happy to welcome all the new Curio Core customers to the ultra-cool and friendly Zengobi community.

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