Curio 8 reactions

I'm extremely happy to report that our most ambitious upgrade ever has been our most successful upgrade ever. Here's some of the feedback coming in:


“Everything cool about Curio just got better “ - TUAW
"The Curio 8 CONCLUSION: Curio now is really awesome!" - Memofrosch


This new version 8...... awesome looks and awesome design. At first it looks everything is gone. Then you start clicking around and everything is exactly where you would expect it. Even more 'room for the brain' without losing tools. Awesome! Thanks! 
The new version is excellent. Much simpler to navigate. 
Curio 8 looks beautiful - really excited to learn all the new features!
Curio 8 is fantastic.... The amount of work that went into 8 is mind-boggling.
Looks fantastic!
I would like to add that your customer support/response time is now, and has always been, AWESOME!! that I have Curio 8 -- well, I am gobsmacked! Thanks to all of you at Zengobi for creating such a versatile, powerful, creative, and gorgeous application, and for providing such outstanding customer service. 


If you're not using Curio and you own a Mac you're missing out.
Congratulations @zengobi #Curio8 is amazing!
Loving Curio 8. It’s excellent.
fantastic update…love Curio 8!
curio 8. Just downloaded trial and so far it is amazing! Much better look and feel.
My favorite organizer/note space/outliner/everything-ware gets a major update. I'm super excited
Looks fabulous.
Congrats - it looks fantastic !!
Checking out the new version of Curio from @zengobi. First thought: Pretty! Second thought: 64 bit! Third thought: Must have!


This software is reason enough to own a Mac...
As always, a no brainer. Curio is the most important Mac App to have.
It is excellent.
Fastest $49 I've ever spent.
For those who use Curio let me say this about that. George is amazing, smart and incredibly responsive to his customers and future customers. This version of Curio is quite amazing. He has thought everything through. What a great product and company! Thanks for all you do George!


It is great to learn that Curio 8 is official. You did a fantastic job putting together a wonder new release. Congratulations.
Thrilled to see it's public now! You've done an amazing job, George.
Excellent job George! Congratulations!
Curio 8 is excellent! Well worth the wait.
Now admittedly I have received a handful of flames where they vehemently reject the simplified interface, but, I'm happy that the vast majority seem to be pleased.

Next steps: I've got an 8.0.3 release appearing soon which nips a PDF bug and I'm finishing up a new Curio 8 overview video which I'll post ASAP.

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