Curio 11.1

Curio 11.1, a free update to Curio 11, has been released!

It includes several key features and improvements:
  • The Search shelf now allows you to control whether asset contents are searched.
  • If content searching is enabled, and the new Curio 11 Pro external project library feature is active, then Spotlight will now be used to search asset contents. Spotlight supports 3rd party importers so you can search within a much wider variety of document types.
  • New Format > Highlight Text menu item and ⌃⌘H keyboard shortcut.
  • Major performance optimizations especially for larger projects.
  • More compact idea space preview images on disk.
  • Several robustness, memory, and Evernote issues fixed.

The complete details are in the Curio 11.1 release notes so be sure to check it out.

Curio 11's built-in update checker should spot the new release or you can force a check via the Curio > Check for Updates menu item.


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