Curio 11.4

We've got another free update for Curio 11 customers! Curio 11.4 is here!

It includes several key features and improvements:
  • PRO STANDARD Prefix Calendar/Reminders synced tasks with collection name.
  • Curio now supports iThoughts file and image attachments!
  • You can now disable inherit resources in your lists or mind maps.
  • New support for variables in idea space titles.
  • Better support for older projects including read-only viewing.
  • Convert index card to list or mind map.
  • Numerous other robustness updates, tweaks, and fixes.

The complete details are in the Curio 11.4 release notes so be sure to check it out.

Curio 11's built-in update checker should spot the new release or you can force a check via the Curio > Check for Updates menu item.


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