2017 review

2017 was, well, an interesting year for us here in the United States but we'll concentrate just on Zengobi. 😀

Curio 11

Curio 11 appeared on the scene and was a smashing success! 👏

One of the big improvements was bringing back Professional, Standard, and Core editions. Prior to Curio 8 we had editions and customers could purchase the feature set that matched their needs. However, with Curio 8, we thought it would be smart to simplify the product line by just having a single Curio product with no editions. But this actually confused many as some wanted a cheaper, simplified product while power-users wanted much more advanced functionality and would be happy to pay for those features.

So, Curio 11 re-introduces editions with a handy feature matrix to help you determine which edition matches your productivity needs.

As a note, just 13 years prior to Curio 11's release we released Curio 1.0, which makes Curio a teenager. It's certainly come a long way!

Soon after Curio 11's release we distributed a slew of free updates including Curio 11.1, Curio 11.2, Curio 11.3, and Curio 11.4. Plus we had to make a handful of additional tweaks to work around Apple macOS High Sierra issues. 🙄

Curio 12?

👷🏼 I've had a few inquiries about Curio 12. It's under heavy construction and still many, many months away. Really... it's a long way off.


Our move to Paddle for our  automated order processing has been a huge success. Combine that with our rock-solid Linode server, Let's Encrypt for https website and downloads, and our Discourse forums software, we're quite happy with Zengobi's back-end operations. They've never been smoother!

Thank You!

As always, our customers are the most rewarding part of this journey. Continue sending your feedback, comments, and project samples. It's wonderful to see how everyone is using Curio!

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