Crossgrading from the MAS

We've had quite a few customers crossgrade from Curio Core purchased at the Mac App Store to either Curio Standard or Curio Professional.

Here's how you do it:
  1. First, please do us a huge favor and rate and comment Curio Core at the Mac App Store. At the time of this writing we only have a single comment even though we've been in the top 20 productivity tools for over a week. So we need your assistance in spreading the word!
  2. Next, forward your Mac App Store email receipt to
  3. We will issue you a temporary license key that you will need to make your crossgrade purchase. Check your spam filter for any messages from!
  4. After you receive your temporary license key from us, head over to the Zengobi Store.
  5. Click the Upgrade License radio button.
  6. Choose a crossgrade option like "Crossgrade to Curio 7 Pro from Curio 7 Core". Notice the crossgrade price is discounted from the full price. For example, the $169.99 Curio Pro is only $130 as a crossgrade.
  7. Use the temporary license key information to fill out the "Prior Purchase Information For Upgrades" portion of the form.
  8. Then continue on with your payment information.
Once completed you should receive your new license key in just a couple of minutes. Be sure to check your spam filter for any messages from!

Just to be clear, future updates to your new Curio application will come from Zengobi, not from the Mac App Store.

Please send us an email if you need any assistance.

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