Hand-sketched symbols

This morning an interesting post appeared in The Mind Mapping Software Blog:
Want to add some hand-drawn elements to your mind maps? Then check out this new collection of over 700 hand-drawn symbols...
The article references a collection of icons which look like hand-sketched graphics instead of the high-gloss images you normally see. Adding them to a mind map makes it look less formal and more appropriate for a project notebook environment like Curio.

Curio supports extensible tags with associated images so adding these icons to Curio is incredibly quick and easy:
  1. Download the icons from http://doodlekit.imagiag.com/. You can choose either the free 32x32 PNG files (the link is at the top-right corner of their page) or purchase the vector versions which would produce nicer high resolution images.
  2. In Curio, choose the Curio > Preferences menu item then click the Tags icon.
  3. Type in a new tag set name, like Doodle, and click Add to create it. Your new Doodle tag set should be automatically selected.
  4. Go back to the Finder and select all the images in the downloaded image folder. Drag all of them to the right-pane of the Tags window in Curio and drop them.
  5. All the images will be instantly snarfed into Curio. Each tag name is simply the image's file name, but you can rename the ones you like and optionally give them keyboard shortcuts for easy tagging. You can also remove the ones you don't think you'll use via the Delete key.
You can now use these new tags anywhere in Curio: mind maps, lists, tables, or even your standalone figures. Enjoy!

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