Holiday MAS sale!

Happy holidays everyone! To celebrate, we're having a 50% off sale on Curio Core through the end of the year only at the Mac App Store.

This is a perfect opportunity to enjoy Curio Core at a super-low price. And, don't forget, you can always crossgrade to Curio Standard or Curio Professional at any time if you need more advanced features.

Curio Core has had an amazing time at the Mac App Store since appearing back in June. It now has 82 ratings from around the world with an average rating of 4 1/2 stars! Fantastic!

Here are some of the great comments posted at the Mac App Store:
I am working on a PhD and am writing my preliminary exams. I have struggled through many papers, not knowing how to organize all I read. This app has been wonderful. I never knew how important it was to me to be able to see things! Taking notes that I can look at together has made a huge impact!!! I love it!
I'm an organizational freak. I'm also a graphic designer who creates custom organizers. I have been searching for an application for YEARS what would allow me to create a digital organizational system to rival my paper based ones. I've tried EVERYTHING... Nothing I have ever used works as well as this program does, plus the deisgn elements are fabulous... THIS IS A GREAT PIECE OF SOFTWARE AND WORTH MORE THAN TWICE THE PURCHASE PRICE.
If you've used mindmaps, but are annoyed at the restrictive format, or have struggled to keep track and make sense of all the random infomation you collect in research projects, or want a cool way to document meetings and workshops, this IS the app. Quite simply, very cool!
Here's another one:
As a senior in college, I would strongly recommend this program to any students who may have trouble keeping their ideas organized (or who take notes which confuse themselves sometimes). I would also strongly recommend this program to anybody who's job requires presentations and presenting ideas because this program will help your audience to better understand the relationships between ideas and the logic behind your proposed resolution. I own my own sole-proprietorship and this program has helped me to organize alot of my future business ideas, which has opened up the opportunity to succeed in the future.
And finally:
I have to say, after spending one day with this app, I upgraded to the Pro version (go to web). I can't say enough good things about it. I am in organizational heaven! Whatever your project needs are this program can handle them. I love that you can make it as simple or as layered as you want. It's a one stop shop to gather all your bits and pieces, from professional to personal to create a cohesive, logical and beautiful digital notebook environment. Plus, my experience with customer service was excellent! A few steps are needed to upgrade from the app store version and on a Sunday ( anticipating a reply email on Monday, if I was lucky ) I received quick and personal attention with a resolution in a matter of minutes. Thanks G and all the support staff! Curio is a winner. There are too many application details to put down in this review, just get the core version and take the tutorial and start playing, if you have one of those minds that loves to see the Big Picture or you just need to clear the cobwebs of ideas, thoughts and everything else in-between, this is the app for you.

So, enjoy the festive season and go buy Curio Core today!

Happy holidays!

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